Affiliate Program

   Become an affiliate for Ziggy's Art Studio and earn commission when ever a product of ours is sold thru your channel of media. 

Laptop Work

What’s an affiliate?

As an approved Ziggy's Art Studio affiliate, you will be able to place text links and banners on your site or digital promotions that will direct visitors to our product. For every visitor you refer that makes a purchase you earn a commission.

What is the commission rate paid to affiliates?

We pay affiliates 30% of the retail price of each product they sell. We sell a physical product that requires manufacturing and shipping. This 30% would be equal to a 50% commission  of a digital product that has no manufacturing or shipping costs

What is your method of payment?

We offer many methods of payment, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App. etc.

What is your payment schedule?

You can collect your commissions on a weekly or  per sale basis

if you have any other questions, email us at

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