Robert's Reminder

36 x 36 original painting on canvas

   Since graduating collage, Robert Traore had sworn to climb the corporate ladder and become a success. Despite 60 hour work weeks and countless nights away from his family, Robert was determined to get to the top. He was the Director of Sales for a very promising company. His life became an overwhelming schedule of analyzing sales charts fueled by triple frappachinos 

   It wasn't until his doctor had to prescribe anti-stress medicine to him that he realized, maybe this career was very dangerous for him. His wife could see that this work was wearing him down.  Corporate America had become a visious game that Robert was caught in the middle of.  It was time to make a serious change or be fed to the sharks 

   Robert and his wife Sharon discussed starting a company of their own. Robert left his stressful corporate job and has never looked back

   Robert is much happier today and has time to enjoy his life. Sharon had this painting done to remind him just how miserable he was back then. We even used an actual photo of Robert taken from his corporate days (see photo below) Now he can always reflect on the darker days when the sharks were circling   


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