HOOTIE fine art prints

       I'm a huge fan of Johnny Long and the Hobo Depot.  My name is Ziggy, I am a professional artist and amateur bass player.  I create art for players that are unique in their style and personality. When I discovered Johnny's YouTube channel I was instantly hooked. Not only is he a guru of all things bass and a great player, but he is one of the most positive and inspiring cats I ever seen. 

       I decided to create these 2 paintings for Johnny to share with his fans. I sent him these 2 prints and got a call from him immediately. I can not describe the excitement of talking to Johnny one on one and hearing the energy in his voice. He is absolutely electric, and one of the most genuine people I have ever had the privilege to speak with

       I hope you guys dig these prints. If you decide to get one, know that you are helping out Johnny and keeping the Hobo Depot up and running.  Shada Kah Kah!!



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