I was born and raised in New York City.  Not much of a student, I was able to get thru most of my schooling using my artistic skills. Painting murals, designing posters and painting backdrops for school plays took the place of book reports and essays.

  In my early teens, I would travel into Manhattan to study art. I took classes at School of Visual Arts, Parsons and Pratt. I got to study with some of the finest illustrators and painters in the world. The greatest art however was seen before and after class during my commute. In the 1980s, the NewYork subway system was home of some of the most mind blowing street art the world has ever seen. Zephyr, Lee, Dondi and Keith Herring could be seen all over. My friends and I would ride the trains all day and get off at different stops just to see who was putting up the latest styles. 

    My first jobs after graduating were all in the art field, picture framer, gallery warehouse, shipping art, mailing out art show promotions. None of those jobs panned out. I knew I was best suited working for myself 

    In the 1990s I found myself painting everywhere and on everything. Murals on buildings,   flames on motorcycles, pin-up girls on hotrods. I designed album covers, band logos and concert posters. I traveled all over the country airbrushing t-shirts. I finally settled down in Las Vegas.

    Today I spend my days in my studio painting and creating art for my collectors.   All of my art is available for purchase here. I have priced my work so its affordable to everyone. If you are interested in a commissioned painting, please feel free to contact me 






self portrait 30x 40 acrylic on canvas

my beautiful Adison and I shipping one of my first print 

my first studio, spare bedroom

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