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    As a graffiti artist who also studied at one of New York City's most prestigious art schools, Ziggy O’Leary’s biggest dilemma was that he was a traditional painter trapped inside a cartoonist’s body. Instead of choosing sides, Ziggy forged a new path and combined the skill of a traditionalist with the humor and style of a master cartoonist. His unique style melded with his natural dark sense of humor has helped make Ziggy a standout in the art world.

       The Las Vegas artist has found his home Downtown in the city’s thriving Arts District. Influenced by everything from street art to architecture, Downtown’s mural walls along with the glow of vintage neon signs provide the perfect setting to elicit and inspire his unique style of art. Other inspirations for his truly unique imagery are found in Ziggy's love of music, guitars, movies, and pop culture.                          

    As an artist who prefers to work freehand, a light sketch on canvas is all the preparation he needs. Ziggy prefers to let his paint brush and pallet slowly build shapes and shadows, highlights and reflections. His masterful work flows with motion and feeling so as to never feel stiff or overly planned. His strong composition skills and bold use of color convey his intent while engrossing the viewer in his artistic vision. 

   John “Ziggy” O’Leary is a genuine artist and luminary.




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